I applaud those Metro Council members who elected to vote against Mayor-President Kip Holden’s proposed bond issue.

Economic conditions pertaining to job issues, increased inflation and the high taxes that inhibit the purchasing power of the local consumer apply a common-sense demeanor to those opposing the bond issue.

The mayor and his administration should take a hard look at spending habits within the community and manage accordingly by making needed reductions to stay within current income levels.

Holden’s refusal to communicate with East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux regarding the signing of the recent grant for police equipment purchases and excluding the District Attorney’s Office from the bond proposal lead this person to believe the mayor is anything but a “team” player.

The direction the mayor is taking is not only a disappointment to this resident but to other voters and taxpayers as well. It is time to take a fiscal-conservative approach to managing the finances of the community, and the recent refusal of the Metro Council to review the bond proposal should be a signal to the mayor that his management of the city-parish is not to the satisfaction of the voters and taxpayers.

Holden’s threats that the council’s decision amounts to “playing Russian roulette with the lives and safety of the people of East Baton Rouge Parish” is not a responsible comment from a mayor-president of the city-parish and will not bide well with its citizens.


retired gas plant manager

Baton Rouge