What in the world?!? Remove art from public spaces? What is the sense in that? One of the markers of the advancement of a society is the quality of its art. When things go downhill, art is one of the first things to go.

Bronze figurative sculpture is, without question, the most difficult to produce of all the arts. The steps from conception to installation are complex and time-consuming, not to mention incredibly labor intensive. That the image was produced at all is a mark of a creative society.

Surely, there is a positive concept that the perennial protesters of This and That have that they might like to commemorate — to have a space of their own to demonstrate accomplishment and achievement, instead of destroying priceless pieces of art with which they have taken issue.

Make some art from the winning side!

Be creative and positive to neutralize the negative while adding some beauty to the city.

Like many, I am fatigued with all the negative opinions, arm waving, placards and shouting. It is time to try civility for a change. Starting with a piece of art might be a novel idea.

Instead of destroying what is there, add some art to the city. Or, maybe, that’s just too difficult.

Margaret Hawkins

retired professional photographer