Regarding James Gill’s March 15 column on 19th-century buildings near or on Canal Street: We could benefit from a bit more informed taste and homework, with less error and pretense on Mr. Gill’s part. Had his standards prevailed in music, with only the grand and ostentatious allowed currency, jazz would never have emerged.

Mr. Gill must have looked at these early 19th-century buildings in a heavy fog of some sort. They are structurally sound and his “tawdry businesses” are in owner Mike Motwani’s modern-era shacks on the corner which everybody wants gone. That, and the very large parking lot adjacent is why there’s the space to have historic texture and fabric while building a modern moneymaker around them, synergized with hefty tax credits for restoring the once common, now very rare, historic structures.

Take another look, Mr. Gill, with a less pretentious, more perceptive eye.

Marcia Roome

civic activist