Regarding the recent letter from Ronald Nolan, your readership should be made aware of either his ignorance or hypocrisy. He says the declaration, our most basic founding document, states our natural rights are from God and cannot be given or taken away. The hypocrisy is that the very men who wrote these words took away those very rights from black slaves. I guess slavery was not taught at LSU, where Nolan got his degree, or he agrees with our Founding Fathers that God did not want to include black men, Native Americans and, to some degree, women. I guess our Founding Fathers meant only they could take them away.

This is the epitome of hypocrisy. Conservative Christians have to accept the fact that either our founders were ignorant or the god they were talking about was not the true God. Everyone knows that our founders were very smart. You cannot tell me that 1700 years after God sent his son with a message that we are all one in Christ that our founders did not know this. They would have to have never seen a Bible. If this is the case, then we have to stop saying our country was founded on godly principles.

And please don’t tell me what I’ve heard my whole life from so-called patriots that our founders were only human. The most inhumane thing you can do to someone is separate a man from his family, beat him and treat him like an animal, and sell him, never to see his family again. This is not an example of only being human. I’m sure Nolan and the rest of conservative Christians can explain all of this away with Bible verses and a political science degree. Since I am not a Bible scholar and only have a high school diploma, I’m sure I will not have the intelligence to understand. It just seems to me that both Christian conservatives and secular progressives leave out what they think are small details. This makes them both come across as a little bit ignorant.

Cliff Johnson

retired boilermaker

St. Amant