Recently Public Sevice Commissioner Clyde Holloway proposed enacting a fee (up to $50 per month) to net-metering photo voltaic (PV) solar customers in Louisiana. Net-metering is the process where customers who have solar panels, which produce more electricity than they use for their home, can sell the electricity back to the grid.

This fee would essentially kill our state’s solar electric industry. A monthly fee of only $25 would negate most, if not all, of the solar generated electric savings seen by residential PV generators.

The solar industry, through contractors and suppliers, generates thousands of jobs throughout our state. We need all the jobs we can get.

Also, the excess electric power that is generated by the PV systems that is sold back to the utility companies is a one-for-one proposition, The PV generators are not making a profit. But, we are helping the utility companies when they need power at the peak demand times. And, the power that we, as PV electricity generators produce and provide back to the grid, is clean energy. It is not produced by less-than-clean and risky electricity generators such as coal and nuclear power plants.

Stand behind our state’s clean, solar generating customers.

Donald Pulliam

counter-terrorism consultant

Port Vincent