I’m not a journalist, writer or blogger — simply a housewife from Baton Rouge. More importantly, I am a patriot. I am the daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend of men and women who have fought for this country, given their lives for this country. They are patriots as well.

Edward Snowden, by the very definition of the word, is not a patriot — one who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interest with devotion. Take note of the word “devotion” — that’s the oath to which Mr. Snowden swore under God to defend this country when he entered its service.

Watching Snowden’s recent NBC interview, I’m finding it difficult to decide which I find more intellectually insulting or demoralizing — the fact that he actually sees himself as a patriot, or that NBC spent thousands of dollars traveling to Russia to allow him a platform to defend his actions.

The hard truth is that Snowden’s actions are indefensible. His actions were born of nothing more than self-importance, arrogance and treason … a tantrum-throwing, spoiled child’s cry for attention. His actions were in no way intended to help his country, but to damage it — the very country he took an oath to protect and defend.

While I’m sure that Brian Williams won’t be making the “short trip” to Baton Rouge to interview me, my disappointment in his ability to ask the “hard questions” cannot go without mention.

As I stated before, I am not a journalist, but some very easy questions come to mind. Why were you on your way to Latin America? Why were you running, Mr. Snowden?

Very simply, he was completely aware with malice and forethought, that he had just betrayed his country. Patriots do not run; cowards do.

I do not have to ask my government why he is, as he put it, “stuck in Russia.” We both know the answer to that question. He put the security and the safety of not only our men and women in uniform but our entire nation in jeopardy.

My only hope is that someday he will be brought back to our homeland, our great nation, and be forced to look his fellow Americans in the eye and defend his actions.

If Snowden is still confused on the definition of a patriot, my suggestion is that while he spends his time hiding in Russia, he pick up a history book and read about the countless men and women whose lives were given to secure the very freedoms that he has used to try destroy the great nation that they died defending.

Paula Turner


Baton Rouge