Michael D. Day made complaints about illegal immigration hurting unionized American workers in his recent letter to the editor on Feb. 2. He made the false assertion that right-wing politicians did nothing to stop illegal immigration. President Bill Clinton was in charge of the executive branch from 1993 to 2001. Was Mike Foster in charge of the federal border agents?

What irony that Day’s left-wing amigos have done everything in their power to promote and encourage the illegal immigration that, in turn, hurts union workers. His left-wing amigos control his political party of utopia, organized labor, socialism and unfettered government. This party is otherwise known as the Democratic Party.

The belief that all of these illegal immigrants will become legal and that this will lead to unassailable Democratic majorities in the U.S. Congress has led to Democratic Party political opposition to strong border enforcement. This is especially true in regard to a permanent border fence in the highest areas of illegal immigrant entry. All patriotic Americans who believe in the rule of law and support legal immigration, but oppose illegal immigration, are painted by the Democratic Party as xenophobes and/or racists.

In the past six years, the Democratic Obama administration has failed to enforce border security. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and all who try to enforce immigration laws are opposed by the Obama administration at every turn. The Dream Act executive order led to the 2014 illegal surge by Central Americans across the southern border. Day wants us to believe that it is Republicans that allow illegal immigration.

After reading Mr. Day’s innumerable diatribes against conservatives and Republicans, I find it implausible that he can agree with conservatives about the damage that illegal immigration can inflict. Or is it only when the illegal immigrants compete with unionized labor that it bothers him? He may be unaware that conservatives, the “right wingers” that he despises, oppose the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and all who support the entry of and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

We have 93 million Americans of working age who are not in the workforce. We have the lowest labor participation rate of the last 50 years. We take in 1 million legal immigrants a year. Do we really need to give amnesty to illegal immigrants again? President Reagan granted amnesty years ago. We citizens were promised better border control and the end to illegal immigration with that amnesty legislation. Those promises were unfulfilled. Do we really believe that comprehensive immigration reform will end illegal immigration?

I am crying crocodile tears today for Michael D. Day.

Richard Palfrey