If you enjoy three to five traffic light cycles at Government Street and South Foster Drive, get ready to be in ecstasy when Government Street goes from four lanes to two lanes.

Watch as bicycles rip past you, only to be stopped by CATS buses that pull over into the bicycle lane 26 times.

Yes, I know that there will be a central turn lane, but turning left is not much of a problem at the present time except for the Acadian Thruway intersection that badly needs a complete overhaul.

Think about it: Florida Boulevard, Government Street and far to the north is Choctaw Drive, the only major east-west corridors. All have four lanes with a bit of five lanes here and there.

Is all of this being done to make our city “warm and fuzzy” by having bicycle lanes that only the stupid or suicidal would use?


retired laundryman

Baton Rouge