I tuned in my TV to hear what our president had decided to do about the immigration problem facing our nation. I was forced to stop watching him after a short time because I was afraid that I would have a heart attack. What he was saying just really got to me.

After my heart started feeling normal again, I listened to some more of his grandstanding comments. This man is the sorriest president in my memory, and no, I have not forgotten about Jimmy Carter. I have been casting a vote now for about 60 years and this is definitely the scariest feeling I have had about the future of this country. The proposal he made will only increase the numbers of illegal border crossings as people try to get in knowing they will not be deported.

I wish that Barack Obama would get as assertive with the leader of Russia as he was last night attacking the Republican Party leadership. You would think that he would do something about the flights of Russian bombers into American air space or very close to our air space. Vladimir Putin is constantly testing this president looking for weakness and I believe that he thinks he has found it and will only increase his testing and get more daring in the future. Obama should treat Russia as he treats the Republicans, as an enemy. On the other hand, if he negotiated with the Republicans as he has with Putin, there would not be a do-nothing Congress. There would be compromise and deals being made for the good of this old U.S. of A. It is time that any Democrats in Congress face the fact that this president is hurting this country and they should let him know it and change the direction that we are going. Stop the political trickery and do what is best for this country before it is too late. I do not mean to blame any political party for the ills we face today, but I am truly scared for America and I hate to think what may happen in the future for us. God has blessed us in the past and I hope he continues to do so, and don’t we need his blessing?

Harrison Troxclair

retired, chemical plant