Thank you for the quality reporting on climate change regarding New Orleans and the nation. Natural hazards to the city, exacerbated by climate change, threaten to destroy the tremendous economic progress it has made since Hurricane Katrina. As a New Orleans native, I fear efforts to revive many struggling businesses and neighborhoods are not truly productive if they are not made in tandem with real efforts against climate change.

Louisiana must implement a carbon fee on polluters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

As long as fossil fuel giants are allowed to take advantage of the free cost of carbon emissions, the earth’s climate fate is sealed. In Louisiana, increasing temperatures, decreasing water availability and rising sea levels will continue to harm people, homes and businesses. Coastal regions must endure hurricanes and storms occurring more frequently.

If taxpayers can pay for the $108 billion in damage after Katrina, oil and gas corporations can afford to pay an appropriate fee for their emissions.

Marilyn MacNguyen

student, Penn State

New Orleans