This is for all the candidates who are in runoffs.

The last three months have been extremely difficult for me. I have had anxiety attacks, been unable to eat or sleep and often on the verge of tears. I did not need to a doctor to diagnose the source of my problems. I knew it was from all the negative campaign advertisements. As the election got closer, it only got worse. I am now pleading to those candidates in a run-off: Please clean up your campaign strategies. I don’t care where Bill was, I don’t care about the percentage of time your opponent voted with Obama. I would like to see a campaign void of these words: 97 percent, Obamacare, my opponent did or did not do, red states, blue states, etc.

Instead I would like to hear, “This is what I did during my last term in office to make Louisiana a better place to live.” “These are my goals for the next six years in office and these are my objectives that must be achieved to make this happen. This is how I am going to achieve my objectives.” Give specifics, no more vague statements. Tell us about yourself, not your opponent and not about Obama. He isn’t going to be here in two years, but you will be here for six. Please run on your merits and not his weaknesses. Love yourself for your achievements and what you hope to achieve. Make us love you and vote for you for those same reasons. I’m tired, I’m angry and I can’t take it anymore. Please run a clean campaign and help us to make the best choice for Louisiana.

Charmaine Clements

speech therapist