Please, get with it! President Barack Obama was re-elected by Americans who want to see everyone do his or her fair share. I have a job and am happy to do my part. I don’t expect the elderly or people with disabilities or those living at the poverty level to do what I do, and I expect wealthier people to do more. Doesn’t that seem fair to you? Doesn’t that sound like the American way?

So I ask Congress to make a choice. Will we have a country where everyone pays their fair share and has a bit of the American dream, or a nation made up of the very rich and then the rest of us? Do we choose the failed top-down policies of the past, or do we grow our economy from the middle out?

And finally, Congress, never look at me as a bargaining chip. I am one of the millions of proud middle-class Americans who built this great country. I matter.

Linda Kocher


New Orleans