Opinions are running the gamut in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases. The issue is excessive force by police. Who makes that decision in this country? Grand jury, jury, media, politicians, liberals, conservatives, etc. Facts, however, should not be changed to fit someone’s opinion, agenda or political/personal cause.

Are these not facts?

1. Respect for authority seems to be at all-time low.

2. In both Missouri and New York cases, a person went out and broke the law (no respect).

3. In both cases, the person resisted arrest (no respect).

4. Both are crimes.

If we teach our children to follow laws or we will not support them. If we teach our children never resist arrest or we will not support them. Many will say “too simple,” impossible. Not if all adults give our young people the same message.

I say genius of anything is to make it simple. Let us teach respect for authority. Let all ministers, parents, schools teach with one voice: “You can’t break the law, and never resist arrest.”

It should be obvious to all: If they had followed rules, they would both be alive.

Obie Watts

retired educator