What a profound statement from our roaming governor.

Deciding to hitch his political wagon to the prayer rally called “The Response,” he says it is time to turn back to God.

I think the time to turn to God is when the government offered you millions of dollars to help the thousands of people in this state who needed help with health care.

I am no Bible scholar, but I think God may have said to do what you can for the people who need help, but if you asked the RNC, they would tell you turn it down and save the taxpayers the 10 percent that it would cost us three years down the road.

If he accepted the money, he had no chance of ever being a Republican nominee for President.

Apparently, it’s the same reason he flip-flopped on Common Core.

Now it seems like he is saying it is time to turn back to God to get votes from the American Family Association. I know this is all a set of weird coincidences because all Republicans are Christian, patriotic and only want the best for our country.

They would never stoop to the level of Democrats and say anything just to get votes.

Cliff Johnson

retired boilermaker

St. Amant