I don’t know who sets the guidelines for kids’ sports, but I want to tell you that what they have done to kids’ sports is ludicrous. They are pushing these kids too hard and not only endangering them for possible injury, but have taken the fun out of the games for the kids and for the parents, grandparents and others who go to watch them play. I don’t know what the goal is for pushing these kids to perform at levels way over their abilities, but we want them to have fun, not try to win a national championship.

For example, boys 6 years old are forced to play machine pitch ball. Only one out of probably 50 can even hit the ball. And if one does hit it, very few can catch it and don’t know what to do with it after he catches it. They’re too young! Kids should be playing T-ball through age 7. Then machine pitch should start at 8 years through 10 years old.

Girls 9 years old are forced to play fast pitch softball. Only one out of possibly 20 girls that age can pitch the ball. The number that can get it over the plate is much less. As with boys, girls should play T-ball through age 7 and machine pitch through age 10. Pitching a softball with any speed and accuracy takes special training. Even then, not very many of them can do it.

It’s no fun to go to a game and watch the boys strike out one after the other because they can’t hit the ball. Or to watch the girls stand around in the field doing nothing inning after inning because the batters walk almost every time because no one can pitch the ball over the plate, even if they could hit it when it does happen to go over the plate.

Once again, this is no fun for the kids or the spectators. Whoever made the rules should reconsider what they have done. Let’s put the fun back into kids’ sports. Change the guidelines for the benefit of the majority of the kids, not for just a few who may happen to have a child who is more talented than most. Those who make the rules are surely smart people. But what they have done to kids’ sports is just plain … DUMB!!

Dean Smart

retired maintenance planner, supervisor in chemical plant