By now, the Veterans Administration scandal has been a prime topic of discussion in every military home in the United States. Rightly so because this scandal affects every veteran, every uniformed military person, every military family and friends of the military, of which there are many. Investigations, facts and statements from hundreds of veterans and active duty military have been ignored in the office of the director of Veterans Administration.

Veterans and all military in uniform understand that there is good, bad and ugly in the VA. Now it is time for the bad and ugly to be exposed. I am not a spokesman for the veterans and uniformed military, but I can’t help but feel that my suggestion will be well received and action should be taken.

I am suggesting that all veterans, uniformed military and friends contact your congressional delegation. With a clear pledge, they will not get one vote of support in the elections in November or in 2016 until Congress as a whole (100 percent) agrees to write to the president of the United States and demand that the president fire VA head Eric Shinseki immediately for failure to fill the job description of that office. The new director should be a medical doctor, and every veterans’ hospital administrator should be a medical doctor — and hopefully, one who has served in a war zone.

I beg of you not to take “I will look into it” as an excuse. We must demand to be taken off the back burner. We must demand to receive proper treatment as promised when we entered the military to serve and protect this great nation. Please stand tall and firm. We have the numbers and are in a position to finally use them.

Link Savoie

Retired Korea/Vietnam veteran