I read with interest the letter from Leslie Defley titled “School board members should answer to voters” in the Oct. 31 Advocate. It seems to me that I have read almost the same letter a short while back. I know Lane Grigsby personally, and whether I agree with him or not, I frankly applaud him for “putting his money where his mouth is.” I also have met Cleo Fields, though I do not know him personally, and applaud him for putting his name and I am sure either his or someone’s money on fliers promoting various candidates for public office. I also applaud the editorial staff of Baton Rouge Business Report for putting their name and reasons for support for candidates. Does not The Advocate also put forth their thoughts and reasons for their stands on various matters of public interest? I wonder why Leslie Defley decides to criticize only Lane Grigsby and not all others who, in the spirit of American politics, is willing to stand up, put their money where their mouth is, and take the heat of publicly stating their position on various candidates? It seems to me the electorate is much better served by advocates who state “who they are for and why they are for them” rather than the mud-slinging we so often see.


Semi-retired business man

Baton Rouge