Congratulations to the Democrats and the young people of this country on the election, you now own it.

The next terrorist act? You own it.

Can’t get a job after graduation? You own it.

Skyrocketing prices because of Barack Obama shutting down drilling? You own it.

Another severe recession? You own it.

Higher health-care costs? You own it.

Having trouble gettting a loan for a home? You own it.

Is ther more dependency on food stamps? You own it.

Is there more than $5 trillion of added debt? You own it.

Having trouble finding good employment? You own it.

Is there ore than 8 percent unemployment? You own it.

Is there no border whatsoever and immigrants working for nothing? You own it.

Is tolerance of Islamic extremists growing? You own it.

Good luck and look in the mirror when it totally collapses.

Michael Ross

business owner

Baton Rouge