The attempt by the Republican Party to keep President Barack Obama from carrying out his duties as set forth in the Constitution is, without a doubt, one of the worst displays of a political party trying to pack the Supreme Court.

It is equally upsetting knowing that an eight-member court will be ruling on legislation and other issues and may be prevented from reaching a final decision because the ninth vote will not be there to break tie-votes.

Obama, whether you like him or not, was elected for two terms as president. He is now serving his last term. The next president will take office Jan. 20.

Attempting to prevent a sitting president from carrying out the duties assigned to him by the Constitution is a terrible political maneuver.

Authority is divided among the three branches of government. The people elect the president and the Congress. The third branch is the Supreme Court, where justices are recommended by the president and examined by the Senate.

Justices’ terms are open-ended. A member of the Supreme Court can serve until death or choose to retire. The current effort seeking to prevent the president from even submitting any nomination reeks of Third World tyranny. The Supreme Court has not been a campaign issue. The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has created a major issue in the campaign.

I am not a Republican or Democrat. I do not belong to the independent party, tea party or any organized political group. My vote is decided as a result of the conclusions I have already reached or will define about the candidates. I voted against Obama in the first term, but I was not upset that he won. I voted for him in the second term, without reservation. I have 38 years of experience reporting and commenting on political actions and drafting position papers on various issues.

Obama was elected by a majority of the people. He should be allowed to fulfill the obligations that were bequeathed to him upon his election. If a sitting president has only one month left to fulfill his constitutional duties, he should try to fulfill that duty.

The issue is serious. Go to the websites of the presidential candidates. If a response space is available, state your dissatisfaction or support for trying to hold up the timely appointment of a Supreme Court justice.

Larry Wall

retired freelance writer

Baton Rouge