Eugene Robinson should refrain from writing columns about complex issues that he doesn’t understand. I am referring to his article “Pope Francis must recount ‘Dirty War’” (March 18).

During the 1970s, Fidel Castro was waging war all over Latin America. Many well-meaning Jesuits (we personally knew one such person) turned Marxist and joined the guerillas. Why not believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio when he says the two Jesuits in question had voluntarily left the Society of Jesus? If they had left the order of their own free will, they would not have expected their former superior to protect them. Yet Bergoglio says he interceded on their behalf. Why is Emilio Mignone’s opinion more credible than Bergoglio’s account? Mignone lost family members in the dirty war, and probably expected too much of those that lived in Argentina at the time, while he was far away in Washington, D.C.

Felicia Guerra

retired college professor

St. Francisville