As a loyal supporter of the Holden administration, I am disappointed to find Mayor-President Kip Holden’s priorities have not been in the best interest of the entire city and parish.

The Town Square under construction has a price tag of $12.1 million to include a $500,000 cover for the stage.

Yes, creative financing sources of state sales tax rebates, city-parish general funds, and federal and state grants have been utilized. Kudos for the creative efforts to get these projects funded and to fruition.

Why can’t the administration become equally creative with funding sources for other projects? $740 million in public funds have been invested in downtown since 1987, documented on the Downtown Development District website. Had our local government invested equal efforts and funds on other dire projects, such as our crime-fighting initiatives and bridge and road repairs, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now.

Downtown has one of the lowest tax bases in the parish, yet receives large portions of the tax dollars collected. What is the return on those dollars?

I love downtown and what it offers, but we have other issues at hand elsewhere in the city and parish. Mayor-President Holden should put those great minds together again to find the funding sources available to help our great city and parish!

Janet Rhodus

real estate broker

Baton Rouge