Youth gangs in Baton Rouge pointing their handguns at the camera?

Where are the adults?

Youths usually live in a home. Why aren’t the adults responsible for their supervision punished?

Why don’t the adults confiscate all weapons?

The article says the youths congregate in gangs for social purposes.

Why can’t the adults in their homes pull them by the ears, if necessary, on Sunday morning to Sunday School and church to learn morals that have served mankind well for millennia?

The youths can congregate with other like church youths and “feel accepted.”

Maybe it has something to do with the low marriage rate, lack of fathers in the homes, and maybe the producers of these children have no religious moral training themselves. Reckon?

Throwing more money at the situation will only deepen our taxpayer debt.

A little parental elbow grease will do a lot to solve these youths’ problems.

If adults don’t buck up to adult responsibilities, let them spend a little time in the lockup themselves.

May do wonders.

Bert Robinson


Baton Rouge