I have been following the story of Calvin Nicholas, ex-principal of Scotlandville High School, who used a stick to break up a fight at the school. Mr. Nicholas is now trying to get his job back. I have spoken with other baby boomers, we born in the late 1940s and 1950s, and we laughed about the incident. Although I went to school in northern Ohio, the guys I talked with from Louisiana had the same experiences. We were hit with yardsticks, rulers, paddles, had erasers thrown at us, and got the “red hand” on our bare butts coming out of the shower for causing mischief. We sure as heck did not go home and tell our parents and get more wrath. Today, they seem to suspend kids for what we would have called a minor offense back in the day. If you were really bad, the coaches would run you until you dropped. The ACLU would drop dead if they were around when I was in school. We didn’t get sent to the principal’s office, the teachers took care of the problem in class. I feel today, the inmates run the asylum. I pray Mr. Nicholas gets his job back.

Ted Gasser

retired engineer

Denham Springs