This is a serious request. Will someone please write to The Advocate and explain how anyone can not trust Hillary Clinton but trust Donald Trump? Every time I read a Trump story or hear him talk, it sounds like nothing but lies to me.

He didn't write "The Art of the Deal." A guy named Tony Schwartz did — with very little input from Trump. Trump isn't a great businessman. He has declared bankruptcy four times and most of the Trump merchandise companies, from Trump Steaks to Trump University, have failed.

Trump inherited his money and the presidency of a $300 million real estate company from his dad. With that kind of start, he should have more money than Bill Gates by now. The IRS isn't stopping Trump from publishing his tax returns. That is not how audits work at all.

Contrary to his claims, Trump knows nothing about ISIS, immigrants, religion, trade or governance in general. If he did, we would have heard substantive policies by now. Trump didn't even tell the Mexican president that Mexico would have to pay for the wall that will never get built. Trump just lied and said they never discussed it. If that's true, why did he go to Mexico? To visit his clothing factories?

It appears that Trump really doesn't know how to run a campaign either. All he knows how to do is bamboozle a large portion of the American public into buying Trump Snake Oil.

Trump's hats even lie. "Make America Great Again." I've got news for you: America is great and has been for nearly 250 years. There is absolutely — positively — nothing that Trump can do to improve it, except maybe leave.

Michael Hale

IT consultant

Baton Rouge


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