I read with interest your article in the Dec. 20 Advocate regarding President Barack Obama’s appointment of Vice President Joe Biden as leader of a group to investigate possibly stricter rules for gun control. I guess this is a valiant effort, but in my opinion it will accomplish little in the saving of lives.

Also of interest were the articles on Medicare fraud and the one entitled, “Medicare patients warned of drastic cuts loomng Jan. 1.”

These two articles, along with the one regarding a senior citizen who just made 65 and was then able to afford a triple bypass that saved his life really got my attention.

Medicare fraud has been rampant for years, and Washington has known it. It has had a significant impact on the budget and it is promoting serious impacts in increased co-pays and reduced coverage in general.

In my opinion, these medical issues will result in the deaths of more people than gun violence.

But I see nothing regarding Washington’s attack on these issues. Why not?

Rudy Begault

retired engineer