The St. Charles Avenue slaughter during the Muses parade in New Orleans proves the enemy is an equal opportunity oppressor.

He will open fire at blue-chip events and in high-income neighborhoods. Liberals say poverty is the root cause, but these killers often come from homes with free Section 8, free food stamps, free health care and, between bids in jail — more free housing, free re-entry programs upon release, and if enough taxes weren’t wasted, free community college! All this free stuff is costing us lives and liberty.

The well-heeled fund charities and permissive criminal justice reform. Sadly, the return on their investment is too violent to easily rationalize. Events like this shooting drive ethnic wedges a little deeper, even in a blended society like New Orleans.

Allowing a segment of the population to run amok to a chorus of upper-class excuse-making promises more, not less, violence. The St. Charles Avenue slaughter demonstrates the folly of biting the hand feeding, with taxes and donations, unrepentent tormentors!

Nadra Enzi

community activist

New Orleans