Mr. Hale is pretty accurate on his opinion piece regarding Kim Davis. As a further point against Ms. Davis, it should be noted that she herself isn’t supporting or performing a same sex marriage, she is merely issuing a public document. As such, her religious objection is weak at best.

However, I do find very objectionable his dragging up her past transgressions and calling her hypocritical because of her stand on the issue. All sorts of people, including some saints, have done really bad things before finding their way. I wonder how critical Mr. Hale is of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who supported the Iraq war before they opposed it? I wonder how critical he is of President Obama, who called Bush’s $3 trillion in debt unpatriotic before running up $20 trillion of his own? I also wonder if he is as much a stickler for “law of the land” when it comes to Obama declaring open borders and executive amnesty and creating laws, the constitutionally expressed right of Congress alone, with his “magic pen?” I could add a lot more, but I think that will suffice.

Kenneth P. Breaux

administrator, beverage wholesale distribution

New Iberia