There are two points to make on the recent article by Marsha Shuler, “Mid City closure worries public.”

“The Lake, unlike other area hospitals, receives 100 percent Medicaid reimbursement for providing care to the uninsured unlike other area hospitals.”

Shouldn’t Baton Rouge General be entitled to a 100 percent reimbursement for those cases where there is no insurance? Common sense says it should!

The second point, a policy written under the Affordable Care Act will provide means to compensate a hospital for services provided.

It would be nice to see patients using the emergency room with policies under the ACA so the emergency room can receive payment.

Baton Rouge General is not a charity hospital and must receive compensation for services rendered.

“A loss of $2 million a month due to uninsured patients entering its doors” is intolerable for a business in the private sector.

Baton Rouge has made significant progress with IBM and the Water Institute locating downtown. It would be counterproductive to old and new residents to have a crippled hospital in midcity with no emergency room.

The young and the aged know the importance of having an emergency room five minutes away when every minute is critical.

Court Freeman

retired Baton Rouge General employee

Baton Rouge