The immense sums of money special-interest groups are spending to influence the outcome of the upcoming election have two certainties in common. First, after nearly a decade of uncompromising dominance of our government, if they are successful in electing a friendly governor and majority in the Legislature this time, their control of Louisiana will be complete.

We can expect declining opportunities for our children, worsening traffic problems and higher rates of crime, among other problems. The reason is simple: Organizations such as the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry that champion the cause of special interests over the needs of Louisiana taxpayers do not ultimately represent Louisianians. With few exceptions, they represent mega-corporations based in Rhode Island, South Africa, Texas, etc. Accordingly, they do not care how bad our roads are, whether our children enjoy opportunities for quality education or how bad crime is in the Bayou State — Rhode Island is doing just fine, thank you!

The second certainty is that if LABI and its allies are successful in electing their anointed candidates, Louisiana taxpayers are certain to see a decline in our quality of life. Big business and industry will remain shielded from paying anything significant back to the state that has made them rich, our cancer rates will grow as ever-increasing amounts of filth are pumped into our air and water, roads and schools will crumble, and the coast will continue to disappear, among other negative consequences of their dominance.

The candidates who are running for Louisiana and against the special interests are confronted with overcoming the challenge posed by immense amounts of out-of-state money trying to influence who will run Louisiana. They need our votes. Send a message that you care about this state by identifying which candidate in the governor’s race and your legislative races is supported by LABI and other special interests, and, when you vote, think of who is more likely to offer you an improved quality of life.

The problems that confront us are not going away. Someone will be paying to repair the roads, operate the schools, and offer police and fire protection. If we elect a governor and legislators who will continue to shield big business from paying a fair share, then the taxpayers of Louisiana better get out their wallets. When you vote, think of who this state should belong to — New England and company, or to us!

Sam Hyde


Denham Springs