Letter: Solitary is a lifetime for inmate Kenny Whitmore _lowres

Photo by Randy Bergeron -- Angola inmate Kenny Whitmore is pictured here in 2000 at a Louisiana Board of Pardons hearings.

With regard to the recent article about Angola Warden Burl Cain and inmate Kenny Whitmore, I am absolutely appalled at the idea of placing someone in solitary confinement for 35 years, let alone serving the time.

Mr. Cain supposedly is planning to allow him to leave solitary confinement soon, if Mr. Whitmore shows he has “sincerely changed.” Cain is also quoted as saying, “We’d rather him out. I need his cell.”

It is clear Cain has no understanding of how his decisions have grossly affected another human being. If putting someone in a 9- by 6-foot cell for 35 years doesn’t change a person, I am not sure anything will. I would offer that Cain himself try being in solitary confinement for even a week and then see if he is “sincerely changed.”

I am fairly confident if this happened, solitary confinement would be eradicated.

With regards to this particular case, the further travesty is that Kenny Whitmore is completely innocent! This case needs to be investigated by the Innocence Project, and all the perpetrators of this appalling injustice need to be punished accordingly. Further information about this case, including a detailed account of what happened can be found at http://chn.ge/1lyJJjJ.

This must stop!

Denise Roussel

private tutor

Baton Rouge