While traveling down Hoo Shoo Too Road, I got a flat tire. I stopped in a driveway on the corner of Elliot Avenue and Hoo Shoo Too to change the tire. Thanks to my great friend Landon Shatoska, who came to my rescue every time I got a flat, I knew how to change the tire myself. However, and with great disappointment, not one person stopped to ask me, a female, if I need any kind of help.

No less than 40 vehicles, including several dump trucks, passed me in the 20 minutes I was out there. Have we lost all sense of compassion for people in need? Are we so self-involved that we cannot recognize someone in distress? I hope those people who didn’t take the time to ask me if I needed help aren’t passed up by the same type of people when they are stopped on the side of the road.

Please help out your fellow man, or woman, if the case should be.

Sara Waldrop

premium auditor