Did I dream it, or did I hear on the news that Vice President Joe Biden and his large entourage spent $1 million for stays at two fancy hotels in London and Paris? If that is correct, shame on Joe Biden. Also it has been hushed up pretty well!

On Saturday, April 6, an article by Mark Felsenthal in The Advocate said President Barack Obama seeks compromise on the deficit by cutting payments to Social Security beneficiaries. He would only accept no cuts if congressional Republicans would agree to higher taxes. Sounds like blackmail to me!

I wonder how many “fact-finding vacations” members of Congress took during the Easter holidays and how much money was spent. After one of my “fact-finding tours,” I have come to some conclusions on how to fix our country. Stop spending young American lives and billions of dollars on wars that cannot be won. We are now into the fourth one since World War II. We can neither police the world or support it financially. Stop handing out billions of dollars to countries all over the world. They don’t like us and we are trying to buy them. Stop spending millions on “fact-finding vacations” and reckless spending on all your pet projects. There are many other ways to curb spending — too many to list.

I am 83 years old and have never seen our country in such a mess. To all of you who sit in the seats of power I say this: “Put your noses to the grindstone, stop your infighting, tighten the purse strings and try to curb your reckless spending.

In my lifetime there has been only one time when everyone in this country worked together to save it. That was 1941-1945, the World War II years. And save it they did! That’s why they are called the “Greatest Generation.” Congress, you might try some of the sacrifices we made.

And yes, my Social Security is indeed an entitlement. I worked all my life for that entitlement. The way it works for me — don’t spend more than you receive.

Olive M. Campbell

retired retail, Goudchaux’s

Greenwell Springs