They have been labeled “terrorists,” “hostage-takers” and “kidnappers.” They were compared to “al-Qaida bombers” and “Islamic radicals” and accused of “engaging in economic terrorism.”


These have been the mean-spirited responses over the past few weeks from enlightened and tolerant liberal columnists, published in The Advocate, to the “debt limit deal.”

These mischaracterizations, of course, are directed at the so-called “tea party,” the loose-knit movement of citizens seeking to make their voices heard by those they elected to represent them.

Is this what now passes for journalism?

Not to be outdone, many prominent politicians also got the memo, including the one second in line to the presidency who reportedly accused them of “acting like terrorists.” This is directed at people peacefully exercising their rights guaranteed by the Constitution that he himself is sworn to uphold!

Is this the new civility these liberal columnists and politicians were clamoring for just a few months ago?

Don Savoie

technical manager

Baton Rouge