I write in reply to B.G. Hoffmann’s letter titled “Common Core unnecessary to Louisiana job market.”

I find this opinion from a professed teacher unfortunate for several reasons.

First is the implication that Louisiana students are unable to compete educationally with students from the rest of the country. The writer states that only 20 percent of Louisiana students attend college because the rest “have no desire to go.” This would be news to the many who work so hard for TOPS scholarships.

Second is that Common Core offers nothing to students not going to college. Not everyone needs a college degree, it is true. But industrial jobs are no longer all brawn and no brain. As industry becomes more automated, workers need more technical skills. Our company needs to hire people who can learn those skills, and the ability to master those skills requires analytical abilities not taught by rote learning. Common Core is in no way incompatible with vocational education.

And third is that schooling isn’t all about getting a job. Common Core stresses analysis and understanding over memorization. These are skills useful in work and in life. Our state needs an informed and educated workforce and population. Common Core is an important step in that direction.

Carl Eyman III

business owner

New Orleans