Regarding a prayer event at LSU reminding everyone how the moral compass of America is askew: the spirit of our nation dictates the event is held assuming all state and LSU rules are followed. It is healthy for America to learn how Lady Liberty lost her way and now is replete with demonic principles replacing the sanity of yesteryear.

Should one feel insulted, many legal ways exist to demonstrate ire or disdain for the unusual world views belonging to the event sponsor. Of course, the beauty of America is the ability to disagree with what some might classify as inane, bigoted or psychotic opinions.

Some will use the day to truly pray, some will justify hatred under the guise of biblical passages, verses, and stories, and some will thankfully warn us of upcoming devastation should we continue to repel the fundamentals of “clean living.” After all, God has plenty of time to create natural disasters as punishment for those making personal decisions about who to marry or committing a myriad of other transgressions. I am now at peace knowing the real reason we have hurricanes in Louisiana and earthquakes in California. In all seriousness, the event should absolutely happen; it’s the exact reason rights of free expression are guaranteed in our constitution.

Ari Fisher


Baton Rouge