I have to express my disappointment over the turn your Letters segment has taken. On Saturday, you published a letter by Marilyn Oufnac, of Ventress, who was responding to an earlier letter from LSU student Leslie Lacoste. Her letter, almost word for word, reflected every negative advertisement against Sen. Mary Landrieu, including charging her with voting as the president “and her party dictated 97 percent of the time.” Lacoste’s letter, found online, was criticizing Congressman Bill Cassidy also for refusing to act independently of his party.

Both letters reflected the negative advertising that, so far, has been the chief objectives of both campaigns.

While these folks, and you yourself, have the right to express opinions, can’t The Advocate do a little better than just publishing the same low-quality arguments just because they are sent as letters to the editor? It would better, I think, to print none at all than give hyperpartisans free space to campaign.

I’ll support the candidates who give me reasons to vote for them rather than trying to convince me not to vote for the other guy. You’ll never win my vote by convincing me the other candidates are even worse than you are.

Russ Wise

retired journalist