It is now crystal clear that Bobby Jindal’s heart and soul is dedicated to being president or vice president of the United States and not governor of the state of Louisiana. His denial of access to Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act to 242,000 Louisiana citizens and his actions in sacrificing Common Core on the altar of tea party politics is self-proving of that fact.

His incessant pandering to the tea party by leaving Louisiana last year for 86 days out of 365 to give self-promoting speeches with national ambition was, at first, laughable. Sadly, his latest actions in attempting to force Common Core out of the state (a plan he originally fostered and supported before the national tea party politics opposed it) no longer makes his pandering laughable. … It is now tragic for the state of Louisiana and tragic for his national ambition. The tea party with its war against modernity and science is not the way of the future as 85 percent of the country already knows.

Gov. Jindal should do the honorable thing for himself and the state of Louisiana and resign as governor. He should free himself to seek national office on a full-time basis and no longer harm the citizens of Louisiana and especially the children of Louisiana with his higher political ambition.

Thomas E. Guilbeau