In the coming year, thousands of high school students will be completing college applications. Those schools will be looking for great ACT scores, community service hours and extracurricular activities.

However, the most significant deciding factor will be the GPA of those students. How shocked will your student be when one of those coveted spots is given to someone else? Someone’s 91percent numerical percentage for a particular class shows on their transcript as an A, and on your student’s transcript as a B.

This is the injustice that is the seven-point grade scale. Students from different schools can finish a course with the same numerical percentage but end up with a different letter grade. By replacing the 10-point grade scale, schools thought it would motivate kids to try harder, but instead it has had the opposite effect.

The seven-point grading scale should be changed to the 10-point grading scale because it is misleading to college admissions, demotivates students and unfairly transforms the traditional grading scale that colleges use.

Students may spend hours studying for a particular class only to find out that their grade for that class is a 92, B. In reality, that should be a 92, A. To reach a 92.5 for an A requires a higher effort that students should not have to make when students at other schools can do less and receive a better grade based on this difference.

The seven-point grading scale is misleading to college admissions because unless a counselor asks for a percentage break down explaining the scale for a particular school, they will not know that the B received is really an A. When grade point scales differ, it makes the challenge of getting into any college more difficult. Without the percentage breakdown, the playing field is not level. High school students should not have to suffer through this injustice just because the school board thinks this “special” grading scale will somehow help.

This is why the 10-point grading scale should be a nationwide policy. It will motivate students to know that they have reached the traditional threshold that will result in success. Why should it be necessary to get 2.5 more points to get an A?

The 10-point grade scale can make a major difference in a student’s GPA and help them to get into a top college. The ten-point grade scale is the most used criteria in many high schools and in the majority of top colleges. The seven-point system should be ended in states that use them and a more consistent application of the 10-point system should occur.

Kaylani Sivayavirojna

student, Zachary High School