I grew up in New Orleans. I don’t remember ever going on field trips to the Confederate statues, but I also was never taught that these statues were a symbol of hate. I actually never thought too much about them until of late. I think this is the case of many people here.

In regard to a recent writer saying that the root cause of crime is drugs, under-educated people and lack of love, I agree with those reasons.

The lack of love part is true, but has nothing to do with statues. I feel we need to give love to the forgotten children but not in the form of endlessly supplying parents with money for every child they bring into the world.

The children are in many cases either neglected or foisted off on others to raise. The blame then goes to not having education, discipline and love. If you truly love them, take care of them.

We must also make sure that children are provided a structured education and mentoring, job training and guidance. There are several organizations that provide this, and that is where we must spend our time, instead of trying to obliterate areas of our city that before a few months ago were ignored, and as far as I know, aren’t causing a crime problem.

Jo Ann Paulin