In response to Cedric Richmond’s letter on gun control legislation, I would like to offer some thoughts for consideration without getting into the debate about the necessity or possible effectiveness of any legislation.

First, many polls say the majority of Americans favor sensible gun control legislation. Next, there are members of Congress in both parties in favor of and opposed to additional gun control so it is a bipartisan stalemate.

Third, criticism for failure to pass legislation is always aimed at the NRA and seldom at the bipartisan members against the legislation. With the majority of Americans in favor of legislation and with bipartisan support in Congress, why hasn’t legislation passed? My opinion is that the same people who favor legislation plus those opposed to it are terrified at the thought of self-serving, incompetent, irresponsible, power-hungry members of Congress with hidden agendas defining “sensible.” With so many bills passed with final rules “to be specified by” and “to be defined by” some committee or person, I can’t imagine being comfortable with a bill specifying what type of guns are allowed in the public’s hands and which hands are allowed to hold them. The problem is a mistrust of Congress, nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps if Congress could get its act together and demonstrate competent, responsible, bipartisan government for the greater good of the citizens as opposed to the specific benefit of members and special interests, the resistance to anything “sensible” being defined by Congress would disappear and progress would be possible.

There is an old saying, “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear a word you are saying.” We are watching but, sadly, our expectations remain low.

Bo Bienvenu

retired manager