Recently, in the Legislature’s Civil Law and Procedure Committee, a step toward equality and fairness took a giant leap forward with HB 707 being sent to the dustbin where it belongs. The 10 Republican and Democratic lawmakers, led by Reps. Abramson and Edwards, who tabled this discriminatory bill, should be commended. Special thanks goes to Rep. Walt Leger, who was one of the very first to so eloquently speak in opposition to this bill. Voters are closely watching and sending a strong message that bigotry and hate will not define our state and will not be tolerated.

The tide is turning on groups like the Lousiana Family Forum and those who promote bigotry in the name of “religion” such as Gene Mills. It was striking to watch the opposition speak so powerfully and righteously in contrast to those in favor, who seemed to be sadly grasping at reasons to promote intolerance. Fairness and equality won out over ignorance and discrimination.

How pathetic that our so-called governor can’t seem to understand that.

Babs Johnson

youth advocate

New Orleans