I’m sick and tired of the federal government’s dismal failure to enforce two of the Constitution’s highest priorities: protect our borders and provide for the public welfare. Immigration has been a hot topic for years, yet Congress nor the president has done anything serious to do either of the above.

I don’t have any problems with immigrants who go through the hassles and bureaucratic nightmares to get into the country. I applaud them for their perseverance. I don’t have a problem with workers coming into the U.S. provided we know who and where they are and taxed accordingly. Illegal immigrants, however, should be immediately sent back to wherever they came from. Granted no “free time” while awaiting a hearing. Hearings are unnecessary to begin with. They are by definition “illegal” and not subject to the rights of citizens. Yes, I feel sympathy for those thousands of kids crossing our border but sending them to be “housed” while awaiting hearings is going too far. Again, they should be sent immediately back. Not doing so will only encourage more illegals to attempt it at serious risks to them and us.

However, I don’t expect Congress to do anything. Hispanics are the largest minority and soon to be the majority. Who in Congress has the guts to alienate that voting block? It’s an upcoming election year; write your congressman and demand action now.

John Jurovich


Baton Rouge