Re: “Landrieu files bill on horse slaughter,” The Advocate, March 14:

I would like to start by saying that I am a horse enthusiast and own several horses — but strongly disagree with Sen. Mary Landrieu’s position on horse slaughter.

In 2007, after closing the slaughter houses in the United States,which decimated the horse industry, the price of horses has fallen drastically. This is caused in a large part by the slaughter ban, and also caused by the general poor health of the economy.

The problem we have is that when a horse is no longer wanted or the owner can no longer afford to take care of the animal, there is not a market to dispose of the horse. Therefore, we see news reports such as the one March 16 on a Baton Rouge TV station about three horses which were rescued suffering from malnutrition. I saw the pictures, truly a disgusting sight.

All that is needed to stop this form of animal abuse is a market for the horses. Ask yourself, would you rather be slowly starved to death or humanely slaughtered?

If our elected officials truly want to protect horses, open the slaughterhouses in the United States. Then we can regulate the industry and ensure the horses are treated humanely.

Duane Wilson, president

Louisiana Stock Horse Association