The speed and enormous scale of land loss in Louisiana makes coastal restoration an uphill battle. But it is a battle that we have to fight. Fortunately, we don’t come to this fight unprepared.

There is no single cause of land loss in Louisiana, and there is no single solution. Instead we have to employ a full suite of different types of restoration projects, sediment diversions, marsh creation, ridge restoration and barrier island restoration that are strategically planned and operated together to maximize their effectiveness. Using all the tools that we have available allows us to build and maintain more of our coast than we could with any single type of project.

The 2017 Coastal Master Plan will build off of and refine the 2012 plan. This provides the state an opportunity to evaluate new projects proposed by the parishes and citizens throughout the state and refine our understanding of how these projects can work together to build a more stable and sustainable future for the citizens, communities and industries of Louisiana.

Alisha Renfro

staff scientist, National Wildlife Federation

New Orleans