As this greatest financial crisis in the state’s history rolls on, those of us among the unwashed could be moved to ask:

Was Jindal the greatest illusionist in history to have been able to hide all this from every member of the state government?

Or, was every government type too busy eating and drinking with an army of lobbyists to pay attention or care? And that does, in fairness, include (now) Gov. John Bel Edwards, who sat for eight years in a Legislature whose members are all now imitating deer in the headlights of a ballooning deficit.

What was the state treasurer doing up until ambitions focused on the U.S. Senate?

Before the elected, appointed or anointed take a dime out of our pockets, they all need to fall on their swords and take a pay cut to compensate (if only symbolically) for their inattention or their incompetence or their perfidy. Doesn’t seem to matter which of these it was, at this point.

Obviously, any reduction in their compensation won’t do much to fill a billion-dollar hole. But it actually might pay some deserving kid’s tuition or help with some poor soul’s medical care while the state House sobers up to look for solutions.

Ren Clark