In reference to the letter titled “Crime rates, not statues, are offensive”:

I agreed with you until you mentioned Mayor Landrieu for using it as a distraction. Then you added Martin Luther King Jr.

So my thought is these statues represent a part of that root cause of crime, along with drugs, undereducated people and lack of love.

Save Our Circle is still wanting to glorify a time in our history that was not for all the people. No, we can’t change history, but we don’t have to keep hate in our face.

I grew up in New Orleans, also. In the 1960s and 1970s, we went on field trips to see these statues. Until you get of age and understand what they truly represented, you question why are they still up but never out loud.

For good or bad, this charming city will always be here; we just need to find a way to bring back love for one another.

Malinda Mitchell


New Orleans