How did we get here to wanting to pull down statues and the “stars and bars” flags of the Confederacy? One failed white man who could no longer fight for the courage and the humility to live decided to kill nine African-Americans in their Charleston church sanctuary that was open to all. They lived as they died in courage and humility, in faith, hope and love.

These nine are martyrs, particularly exemplified in the renaming of the library as The Cynthia Graham Hurd/St. Andrew’s Regional Library.

How did the cross of St. Andrew come to represent such self-importance and self-righteousness that is, in this nation, white racism? Why do Christians put so much effort into erecting statues, not to saints but to people who go to war? Where is the peace?

Thank you, Charleston, and you, Cynthia G. Hurd, for reclaiming the true meaning of the cross, which first meant love and faith, not of melted bronze, but of living flesh and blood, and not of a flag that must fly in the highest point in the sky but of the life people live with all other people.

Henri Fourroux

civil servant

New Orleans