There is a movement to make all public places smoke-free.

There are people who can’t stand smoke because they don’t smoke or they may have stopped smoking, which is a choice.

Before you enter an establishment that allowed smoking, you’re made aware. Why would you want to come in when you can’t stand the smoke?

I chose to smoke and frequented places that allowed me to do so. If I avoid places that don’t allow smoking, that’s a personal choice.

In most families, there is someone who smokes who may have been asked to go outside to smoke.

Why make this person leave when it’s his personal choice to smoke and yours to not?

If the family gathering is at his house, he should do as he pleases; after all, it’s his place, and you have a choice.

We have several large refineries located in the area that produce more harmful things than secondhand smoke.

If I’m driving to New Orleans in the rain, see you walking and offer you a ride, and you notice I am smoking, would you accept the ride or continue to walk?

We all have likes and dislikes, and those should be considered when outside of our personal residences.

After all, you made the choice to come out of your home, so be kind and considerate.

I was a smoker of 47 years, but I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to smoke as long as it is not in my house.

If I choose to go somewhere, I know that I’m making that choice, and so I tolerate the smoke and don’t try to make someone else follow my choice of not smoking.

Frank Ellois

retired military

Baton Rouge