Regarding the recent letter from David Porter, he sees a pro-conservative bias of The Advocate. I am a conservative and see an entirely different picture. Porter should realize that his objections are about the op-ed pages, where opinions should be voiced. Conservative views there are more than balanced by liberal views — Cokie and Steve Roberts, Froma Harrop, Stephanie Grace, James Gill, etc. Porter's particular complaints about Trump and Hillary Clinton coverage illustrate his own bias.

The Advocate does an admirable job in balancing its op-ed pages. Much more objectionable to me are the AP news service articles which are supposed to be objective news reports, but which always betray an anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias. The only good thing about them is that the bias is so blatant that it is ineffective to any thoughtful person.

Letters: The Advocate's conservative bias

Mary Ann Aucoin


New Orleans