On a recent morning I went to court, and I parked in one of the parking garages on the corner of St. Louis and Government streets in Baton Rouge.

Both of these garages are FILTHY. Not only are the stairwells dirty with dried liquids (of various sorts), cigarette butts and other trash, the walls are covered with cobwebs. The place smells terrible. The elevators and elevator shafts (which are both visible from the street) are even worse.

As you know, for most of our citizens, their first contact with our city-parish government occurs when they need to come to City Hall or to our courthouses. Thus their first real contact with the city-parish occurs when they park in these filthy garages.

They have been this way for years, and every time I go to the courthouse, I promise myself that I will write a letter to tell someone. Well, I wrote this same letter to the Department of Public Works in 2012 and in 2013. Both times I was assured that someone would take care of it.

Here we are in 2014. The place is still filthy.

We are all proud of our beautiful new courthouse. Unfortunately, our citizens have to park in these garages when they are called to jury duty.

First impressions are important both to our citizens and to others from out of town who have to park in these filthy garages.

Ed Walters


Baton Rouge